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3 Rooms for $129 – Call Us Now For This Great Offer

Quick Dry provides premium and affordable carpet steam cleaning Perth and all Perth`s metropolitan areas. Our specialist carpet steam cleaners are fully trained and qualified in carpet cleaning and provide you with a fast, effective and affordable service. At Quick Dry, we offer both dry cleaning and steam cleaning, so if you know which one you need then great, if not our well-trained technicians can advise you on the day.
Our machines are state of the art and are designed to lift those heavy stains and marks from your carpet, leaving it feeling fresh, clean and alive again. Steam cleaning is the best process for cleaning carpets especially when you add agitation for those difficult stains.

All of our carpet cleaning products are safe for you and your family as well as safe for the environment. We are committed to using Australian made products that are also environmentally friendly whenever we can. Quick Dry is proudly WA owned and operated.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning Include:

  • Gets out soiling from deep down within the carpet
  • Uses high temperatures and pressures to get great results
  • When combined with agitation gets the best results of any other method
  • Recommended by carpet cleaning experts and even carpet manufacturers

Some things you should know:
*Combined Lounge & Dining Considered 2 Rooms.
*Max room size 12sqm.
*Additional fee may apply to some areas.
*Additional fee may apply for heavy stains or traffic areas.
*Additional fee may apply for bad access i.e., stairs/elevator etc.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning Include:

Our carpet cleaners have years of experience and have been trained to the highest standard to ensure they can handle every job with precision and professionalism. We make sure they have the best equipment and the best training so that you can be comfortable in the knowledge that they will complete the job to the highest standard, leaving you to get on with your life.


The type of carpet cleaning we use is called actually called hot water extraction but is commonly known as steam cleaning. When combined with agitation it is the most effective type of carpet cleaning you can get and that is why we use and recommend it. We have also gone to great lengths to source the best products and equipment to ensure we can do a great job for a great price. Our cleaners have years of experience so you can be sure they will do the job right Steam cleaning uses some chemicals to loosen the dirt from the carpet but the water, heat and pressure is what does most of the work. Chemical is sprayed on the carpet, water is then injected into the carpet, which absorbs the dirt, and is then sucked up immediately. The downside is that it takes a long time to dry but it does provide very good results.


Pre-inspection – Assess the job and the risks.

  • Pre-vacuum the carpet with our high speed commercial grade vacuum that has a beater brush to remove sand, dust and other dry soil from deep within the pile of the carpet.
  • Assess the stains and which chemicals to use.
  • Pre-spray the carpet with a sanitiser, deodoriser and our specialised general stain remover, which will lift dirt, grime and stains from the pile, ensuring the carpet is left as clean as possible
  • As an added service, we will scrub the carpet with our commercial grade Polivac carpet cleaning machine and the highest grade microfibre pads available on the market, and also use advanced stain remover and techniques if required.
  • We will then steam clean the carpet with our high commercial grade equipment leaving your carpets in the best condition possible.

The carpets should take about a day to dry but depending on conditions may take a little longer or shorter. To assist the drying process, we recommend you keep doors and windows open if possible and use fans (not heaters) if desired.


All carpets are left in a neutral state meaning it is safe for your family and pets however whilst the technician is there please keep everyone, including animals and children, away at all times.
Please note that the carpets are very slippery when wet, especially when you walk off the carpet onto hard floors. If you walk the chemicals onto the hard floor, then the hard floors may be slippery for up to 48 hours or until thoroughly cleaned.
Please note that the cords and cables are a slip trip hazard so, as mentioned before, please keep yourself and others away.