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 Rug Cleaning

At Quick Dry we know how precious your rug may mean to you. They may be an investment that would last a life time.

Our highly trained professionals use the best method possible to clean your rug and bring it back to life. We use the appropriate products that will give your rug a gentle and superior clean.

Quick Dry professionals are experts in recognising the textile and the fibres of your rug.

Why wait any longer… contact us today and find out how we can give your rug the clean and freshness it needs.

You can rely on Quick Dry professionals to take care of your precious investment for rug cleaning services.



Carpet, Fabric & Leather Protection

Rug Cleaning Perth

Brace your carpets, Fabric and leather with the new and improved Quick dry carpet, leather and fabric protection. This invisible shied will add superior value to your home.

Over time, fabric and leather tend to wear off and break down allowing other nasty stains to penetrate causing saviour damage. That is at Quick dry we use the most effective shield to keep your fabric, leather and carpet fresher and cleaner for long.